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Beautiful Backsides (30 photos)

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  • Dante

    Black girls got the best behind!! Shame there’s not ONE on here!

  • Calvin

    Disagree, Dante. Black girls look like dudes!

    • Offended!

      Being a beautiful African-American woman, I can say with confidence that the statement “Black girls look like dudes!” Is completely racist bullshit!!

      • Jay

        Very true in what you said, black women are gorgeous, my fiance is black, my kids are black, nothing but the best. But if a black woman walked in front of Calvin, he would most likely try his luck with her, fucking hypocrite

      • henk

        Thats impossible or you are african or American both is not possible

      • dafugisthat

        Sorry Offended but because Calvin finds black girls unattractive does not mean he is racist. Just as because I find some black girls attractive does not mean I am not.
        Im offended that you would jump to that conclusion; not all us whities are racist.

  • kevin

    Must agree. Black girls have the sexiest bodies ever. Im a white guy and never been with a black girl but would in a heart beat if the chance came along.

    • ItsSecret

      There’s no difference.. :) just the color..

  • ItsSecret

    Oh come on!!.. Black or White …Sexy as hell!!!

  • Whitey Johnson

    White Girls All The way

  • dafugisthat

    Wow! This was an amazing collection!

  • George

    Some black women rock others don’t, just like women of any other race. You have pretty women, ugly ass women, sexy women, skinny women, fit women, etc. in ALL races. Dont judge a person by there skin color, judge them by their actions. If they act like a piece of shit, they are a piece of shit and so I on. I get so damn tired of the race thing. I dont like any of the presidents foreign policies and that makes me a racist because he is black. What the fuck does that have to do with being racist. Anyway Mangazine please show some sexy black women, or sone sexy brown skinned filipinas….tired of the white girls……and before anybody calls me racist…STOP…I am white and am not fond of white women…it is my preference who to like and who not to like…I am an American and I am free to do what the fuck I want when it comes to who I like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!